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Brand, Reputation & Market Research

Our surveys identify trends & shifts in public perceptions before they occur.


At GSSG we understand that the currency of politicians and regulators is votes while the currency of business is dollars. By asking the target audience what they know, and how they behave, we identify those subgroups with whom we can have productive conversations to build a positive public image. All data is analyzed at the macro and micro level to best inform future decisions about marketing and outreach efforts. Whether you are launching an initiative to advance your business objectives, confronting a crisis, or simply looking for a new edge over your competitors in today’s fractured, high-velocity marketplace, GSSG is uniquely equipped to help.



- Strategic Planning

- Brand Alignment and Message Development

- Corporate Rebranding

- Audience Mapping

- Targeting and Outreach Tactics

- Metrics and Ongoing Measurement

- Public Relations

- Broadcast, Print, and Online Advertising Message Development

- Digital and Social Media Development Targeting


- Nation’s largest for-profit university system

- A state technical college system

- Northwest Credit Union

- A global quick service restaurant chain

- Non-profit and for-profit hospital networks

- One of the Northwest’s largest health insurance networks

- Multi-national Fortune 50 Company

- Popular social media App

- Leading ride-sharing company

- A leading footwear and sports apparel manufacturer

- NW utility providers

- Renown state universities