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Blood Donors



Faced with a shortage of blood donations in one of its key regions, a national non-profit with more than 600 community blood centers across America needed assistance in boosting blood donation levels.

GSSG was retained to:

·      Better understand what drives people to donate blood

·      Identify hurdles preventing people from donating on a more regular basis and what the organization can do to address these challenges

·      Test the efficacy of current outreach efforts—including TV, mail and phone calls

·      Assess which audience presents the best opportunity to grow donation levels—current donors or new, persuadable donors—and isolate characteristics to help micro target that group    

Our Approach:

·      We conducted a survey among 300 current donors and 200 persuadable donors in the center’s service area using a list provided by the organization.


·     Established that the organization’s efforts were better spent maximizing its known donors than spending time and resources encouraging new donors to give blood.

·      Determined key to maximizing donations was making it easier for regular donors to visit donation centers rather than dedicating resources to random blood drives at off-site locations

·      Developed an outreach strategy focused on regular contact with known donors communicating the message that giving blood saves lives.