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Idaho Health Exchange



The Idaho legislature and governor enacted legislation to establish a health insurance exchange in the state of Idaho under provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Idaho established their exchange later than any other state based exchange in the country and therefor had very little time to create the exchange, develop a brand, establish an earned and paid communication plan, draft and enact an outreach effort and ultimately enroll individuals and families for health insurance through the exchange. This was all to be done while facing tremendous political pressure and scrutiny from those who opposed the exchange’s creation.

GSSG was retained to:

·       Create the brand identity and launch the exchanges marketing, education and outreach efforts

·       Determine factors that would drive enrollment in the exchange and develop a communications strategy to maximize enrollments.

·       Develop a tactical plan for outreach and advertising to implement the strategy we developed.

·       Oversee all earned media and press for the exchange

Our Approach:

·    We conducted comprehensive research of both the population at large and uninsured Idahoans to determine factors that would drive support for the exchange and lead to enrollment

·    GSSG then conducted a comprehensive analysis of the results to find commonalities and differences between the various audiences and motivations behind their views and behaviors, enabling us to develop detailed recommendations for branding and launching the exchange

·    Developed an advertising strategy and plan that focused in with precision on those most likely to enroll, allowing the exchange to maximize it advertising dollars while minimizing waste.

·    Leveraged our relationships throughout the state to create a statewide network of in person assisters to hold education and outreach events that enrolled residents.


·    Developed the name and brand identity of the exchange, Your Health Idaho- Shop. Compare. Choose.

·   Despite Idaho being one of the reddest states in the country, our highly targeted effort enables Idaho to have the 2nd highest number of exchange enrollees per capita in the entire country.

·     More than 76,000 Idahoans have health insurance through the exchange as a result of our efforts

·      Political pressure to repeal the exchange has subsided as a result of the success of our efforts.