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The need for actionable market and competitor intelligence has never been greater than in today’s digital age. Businesses are under increasing pressure to boost their efficiency and productivity and deliver higher ROIs to their corporate stakeholders while providing higher quality products and services to their customers. To do so requires real-time information about the market environment, the competition, industry trends, and your targeted audience.

GSSG’s market intelligence helps companies, non-profit entities and public institutions address tough, time-sensitive organizational changes by arming them with the knowledge to make smarter, faster business decisions and remain at the forefront of their industry and ahead of their peers. Our intelligence and research findings enable our clients to: (1) Execute more focused marketing, recruitment, and sales campaigns (2) Address emerging customer issues and needs quicker (3) Differentiate from peers in a crowded and competitive market (4) Identify untapped opportunities to drive growth and expand



  • Acquisition studies
  • Broadcasting licensing and fee disagreements
  • Consumer switch campaigns
  • Corporate investment strategies
  • Donor & fundraising optimization efforts
  • Energy portfolio expansion analysis
  • Health insurance market penetration strategies
  • Higher education recruitment tactics
  • Membership drives
  • New market assessments
  • Product satisfaction and alignment studies
  • Tech adoption forecasting


  • Global energy player
  • Hollywood entertainment & media conglomerate
  • Leading telecommunications company
  • Leading advocate for seniors
  • Popular social media App

  • Pro- sports organization

  • National cable TV news network

  • State universities and community colleges