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CHICAGO TRIBUNE | Ten Commandments judge faces GOP runoff in Alabama Senate race

"There are a probably a number of incumbents on both sides of the aisle who should take notice of another demonstration that voters still want change," said Greg Strimple, a Republican pollster for a political action committee aligned with House Speaker...

TOWNHALL |  Strange Money, Strange Politics

With a Republican commander-in-chief in the White House, both houses of Congress in Republican hands, and a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court appointed by Republican presidents, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that Democrats...

WASHINGTON POST | The Daily 202: House Republicans, facing heated town halls, get some air cover on Obamacare repeal

The messaging is driven by a large national poll that the group commissioned early last month. The GS Strategy Group found that the most popular messages for what a replacement plan should have in it are coverage that provides ownership and portability, centers on what is best for the patient and lowers health coverage costs. The survey also found that...

IDAHO STATESMAN | Idaho 2020: State’s aversion to public financing hurts economy

Polling done as part of the study showed widespread voter preference in Idaho for public borrowing, as opposed to tax increases, to finance significant infrastructure projects, as well as strong concern for improving education as a means toward creating better jobs and a stronger economy...

WASHINGTON EXAMINER | Opinion - Americans agree on healthcare

Partisan warfare in Washington never seems to stop. Yet, in poll after poll, Americans want lawmakers to work across the aisle and get things done...

FORTUNE | College-Educated Whites Present Major Challenge for Trump

Wanda Melton has voted for every Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan in 1980, but now the Georgia grandmother plans to cross over to support Democrat Hillary Clinton....

POLITICO | Senate GOP polling shows upside to SCOTUS blockade

Strimple found that 54 percent of those surveyed were more concerned about a liberal justice being chosen to replace Scalia, compare to the nearly 41 percent of respondents who were more....

CHICAGO SUN TIMES | Kirk, Duckworth in statistical tie: New Kirk Illinois Senate poll

The Kirk campaign shared some of the poll findings with the Chicago Sun-Times, but not the entire survey. Kirk is considered one of the most at-risk Senate Republicans up this cycle, running in a state expected to produce a heavy Democratic presidential vote in November, no matter who the nominees are....

THE GUARDIAN | NSA surveillance opposed by American voters from all parties, poll finds

Commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union and carried out by the Global Strategy Group and G2 Public Strategies, the poll of 1,001 likely voters found broad opposition to government surveillance across partisan, ideological, age and gender divides....