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Our Mission

GS Strategy Group recognizes that your company’s reputation and bottom line are strongest when your image and business model are firmly aligned with trends in public opinion and voter/consumer behavior.

Shifts in public attitudes and voter/consumer behavior can pose risk to your business, resulting in disruptive drumbeats by activist critics and the media, lost sales, shareholder and employee unrest and, ultimately, unfavorable policies and government scrutiny driven by reactive regulators and politically motivated elected officials.

GSSG helps you proactively manage your reputation and issues environment to stay in step with public opinion and voter/consumer behavior and a step ahead of the public policy curve. We accomplish this through careful amassing and analysis of survey research and disciplined application of the results. GSSG combines expertise in both research and the application of research to public affairs campaigns.

Our research provides our clients with knowledge that is actionable, not just interesting. To accomplish this goal, our surveys are designed to predict trends and political shifts before they occur—allowing us to provide an in-depth analysis of the behavior behind voters’/consumers’ decision-making processes. We do this by asking the target audience what they know and correlate this knowledge to their vote intentions or consumer behavior.  This behavioral approach to survey research gives us an unparalleled way of assessing the environment and developing the strategy, tactics and targeted message(s) that will yield the best results.

Our deep experience with regulation of the healthcare, transportation, telecom and energy industries allows us to help our clients position their complex business issues with voters/consumers so they become invested in the outcome.  As a result, elected officials and regulators better understand the political benefits or risks associated with the regulatory or legislative actions under consideration. 

At GSSG, we have a unique understanding of the center of the electorate and understand that it is fiscally conservative, but socially tolerant.  These voters and consumers favor competition in the marketplace, lower costs and better service, but also have concerns about the environment, safety in their communities and treatment of workers.  To win the center, it is critical to position your issue in terms of economic benefits, while assuaging societal concerns on health, safety, the workplace or the environment.

Whether you are launching an initiative to advance your business objectives, confronting a crisis, or simply looking for a new edge over your competitors in today’s fractured, high-velocity marketplace, GSSG is uniquely equipped to help.