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Policy & Public Affairs Advocacy

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At GSSG we give our clients a unique and knowledgeable perspective when designing and executing their public affairs campaigns.

We endeavor to connect business issues with voters so that elected officials and regulators equate votes with desired business outcomes and act accordingly. Our surveys are designed to pick up trends and political shifts before they occur – allowing us an in-depth analysis of the behavior behind voters’ decision making processes. We ask our target audience what they know and how they behave, then correlate knowledge and behavior. This behavior approach to polling gives us an unparalleled way of assessing the environment and developing the strategy, tactics and targeted messages that will yield the best results for your company, association, or political campaign.


Areas of Expertise

- Beverage and food services regulatory concerns

- Education reform

- Federal monument designation

- Finance and banking reforms

- Healthcare funding and access issues

- Health insurance

- Energy exports and exploration initiatives

- Large-scale siting and development approval

- Labor negotiations

- Litigation support

- Merger and Acquisition Alignment—Internal & External

- Mining and natural resource allocation

Policy & Public Affairs Advocacy

- Pharmaceutical R&D and purchasing issues

- Public-private partnerships

- Open space preservation efforts

- Risk assessment and crisis management

- Thought leadership development

- Trade proposals

- Seniors advocacy programs

- Sports & Entertainment negotiations

- Unionization campaigns

Our Work

- Nation’s leading advocate for seniors

- One of the largest trade associations in the financial industry

- Major healthcare advocacy non-Profit

- National sports organization

- One of the country’s largest for-profit university

- Leading global energy provider