Powerful tools, combined with years of experience and insight, create the ability to clearly identify the driving factors behind target audiences’ behavior and opinion.

Our research provides our clients with knowledge that is not only interesting, but actionable as well. We design our surveys to predict trends and political shifts before they occur — allowing us to provide in-depth analysis of the behavior behind your target audience’s decisions-making processes. Our innovative behavioral approach to survey research allows unparalleled assessment of the environment and is essential to developing the strategy, tactics, and targeted messages that will yield your desired results.



  • Ad Testing

  • Brand & Reputation Studies

  • Consumer Insights Surveys

  • Customer Experience Surveys

  • Communication Audits

  • Concept Testing

  • Employee Pulse Surveys

  • Market Insights Analysis

  • Media Tracking

  • Message Architecture

  • Organizational Alignment Surveys

  • Public Policy & Political Positioning Studies

  • Voter Segmentation Programs


Advances in technology and telecommunications offer a multitude of new techniques to connect and engage with audiences. GSSG offers a range of quantitative and qualitative research options that can be tailored to create the research solution that is suited to meet your specific objectives.

QUANTITATIVE: Online interviews, Landline interviews, Mobile Interviews

QUALITATIVE: Traditional Focus Groups, Traditional In-depth Interviews, Online In-depth Interviews, Perception Analyzers/Dial Testing, Face-to-Face Interviews

EXPERTISE: Ad Testing, Brand & Reputation Studies, Consumer Insights Surveys, Customer Experience Surveys, Communication Audits, Concept Testing, Employee Pulse Surveys, Market Insights Analysis, Media Tracking, Message Architecture, Organizational Alignment Surveys, Public Policy and Political Positioning Studies, Voter Segmentation Programs



High-value research demands confidence in the data and the methodology used to capture it. GSSG’s commitment to excellence requires a hands-on approach to all aspects of our client’s research program.

EXPERTISE: Questionnaire Development, Sample Design & Acquisition, Online Programming & Hosting, Data Programming & Management, Moderator Guides & Discussion Handouts, Focus Group Facilitation



Our team crafts each question with the forethought that it will be utilized in a statistical model. Doing so maximizes the number of ways the data is analyzed and allows in-depth modeling. We have developed various data processing tools to quickly produce personalized toplines, crosstabs, and presentations, which in turn creates many polished deliverables unique to each client. More sophisticated approaches including algorithms and regression analysis are available to dig into further insight, as well.

EXPERTISE: Questionnaire Development, Sample Design & Acquisition, Online Programming & Hosting, Data Programming & Management, Moderator Guides & Discussion Handouts, Focus Group Facilitation



We have experience surveying a multitude of audiences from traditional consumers and likely voters to harder to reach groups such as Silicon Valley Tech Opinion Leaders and international C-suite business leaders. Our work includes local and nationwide audiences as well as audiences from around the world.

AUDIENCES: Biotechnology Executives, Blood Donors, Business Decision Makers, Cable TV Viewers, College Faculty, College Students, Consumers, Early Tech Adopters, Employees, Potential Donors, Prospective College Students, Quick Service Restaurant Customers, Seniors, Silicon Valley Tech Opinion Leaders, Sports Fans, Swing State Voters, Washington, DC Opinion Leaders, Wine Enthusiasts, For-Profit University Students & Alumni, Healthcare Decision Makers, High School Students, High Net Worth Individuals, Homeschool Families, Investors, National Opinion Leaders, Parents, Payday Loan Customers

INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCES: Argentina, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam