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Political Campaigns & Ballot Initiatives


Political Campaigns & Ballot Initiatives


The key to a successful political campaign, competitive general election, Republican primary or ballot measure, is to identify the center of the electorate and coalesce support.

(FIX LANGUAGE: The center of the American electorate is one that is fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. GSSG has a proven track record of success positioning candidates in line with those voters, not Washington, DC opinion leaders. ) A data driven approach to campaigning means that survey research informs paid media, digital placement, grassroots targeting and even messaging to donors.


Areas of Expertise

- Ad testing

- Audience mapping

- Ballot initiatives

- Broadcast, print, and online advertising

- Campaign management

- Digital and social media development

- General election polling

- Exploratory research

- Message development

- Primary election polling

- Targeting and outreach tactics

Our Work

- U.S. Senators

- U.S. Representatives

- Governors

- State Representatives

- City Council Leaders

- Mayoral Candidates

- National State Party organizations

- Super PACs

- 501(c)4 Organizations